2020 has been so far marked by significant shifts in the way we live. The game has definitely changed. But what were some of the key transformative forces that are defining these shifts and will shape how we imagine and build our desired future realities? In this year’s symposium Next Level explores three game-changing topics: Digitality, Ecology and Value. The way we engage in these discussions is no less ordinary, as we engage in playful conversations and present a new form of symposium.

Nadine Kolodziey
Visual artist and illustrator

AR-Gaming during Corona Lockdown

AR, Nadine Kolodziey, Art, Illustration

Sun, Nov 15, 10:00 AMHalle 2
Due to the global pandemic, the digital world becomes the safe space to meet, exchange and work together. What is the new reality? Do we stroll in a park outside similar to how we scroll the internet?

Kishonna Gray
Assistant Professor in Communication, Gender and Women's Studies, affiliate in Black Studies

Black Streamers Changing the Game

Poc, BlackLivesMatters, Kishonna L. Gray

Sat, Nov 14, 3:00 PMHalle 2
From #solidarityisforwhitewomen to #MeToo, gaming culture provides an interesting case study to explore the experiences of women within the transmediated spaces of gaming. Drawing from ethnographic observations of gamers and games, this talk will trouble what it means to be a woman inside gaming as well as what feminist contributions to gaming can look like.

Georg Hobmeier
Narrative Designer, Writer & Voice Artist, Founder of Causa Creation & gold extra

On Documentary Games and the Extractive Industries

Sun, Nov 15, 12:00 PMHalle 2
Only a small fraction of the global gaming market is featuring themes that aren't of a fictional nature. In this session Georg Hobmeier will introduce the audience to selected project from the ephemeral category of "documentary games" with a special focus on the portrayal of the extractive industries.

Performance group

Welcome to AshramMommies: A VR performance

VR, The Agency, maternity, children

Sat, Nov 14, 12:00 PMHalle 2
THE AGENCY examines surrogacy as an ambivalent phenomenon: Is the surrogate mother as a figure predestined to mark reproductive work as work? Why do we still pursue the dream of the genetically related child at all? And what does the figure of the child mean in these apocalyptic times?

Tamiko Thiel

Evolution of Fish: Immerse into underwater wasteland

Climate Change, recycling, VR, art

Sun, Nov 15, 10:00 AMHalle 2
Our cities are clean, tidy. Everything is recycled. Wait a minute... In 2018, when China said that the country would no longer accept "foreign waste", we found out that very little plastic can be recycled at all.

Dirk Meyer
Head of the Department for Central Services, Administration, Budget, Research and Digitization at the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU)

Discussion on Ecology & Digitality

Ecology, digitality

Fri, Nov 13, 2:00 PMHalle 2
In this session Dirk Meyer looks at the state of ecology and digitally and how their interdependencies are key to designing a vision towards positive futures in both spheres.

Simon Denny
Simon Denny (*1982 Auckland/New Zealand, lives in Berlin) is an artist whose work explores the cultures and values behind contemporary technologies.

Art meets Minecraft

simon denny, minecraft, art

Fri, Nov 13, 11:30 AMHalle 2
Simon will be unpacking themes of extractions, technology, accountability and climate through a Minecraft in-game tour of his last exhibition MINE, currently on show simultaneously at K21, Düsseldorf and on the Minecraft platform.

Sun MengXuan
MengXuan is a new media artist based in Berlin. She graduated as Meisterschülerin of Kunst und Medien from the Berlin University of the Arts.

Taì Chū 3030

avatar, second life, death, gaming, Sun MengXuan

Sun, Nov 15, 2:00 PMHalle 2
After everything ended, everything started. MengXuan is closing the festival with a self introduction as an avatar. Followed by a live presentation of her latest piece “Taì Chū 3030” - an after-death digital soul.